Winter can be a difficult time for wildlife. As temperatures drop, food becomes difficult to find. Insect-eating birds have to find alternative foods over these cold months. If you’re missing spending time in your garden due to the cold weather, why not help nature and enjoy it from the comfort and warmth of your home.

Now is an ideal time if you haven’t already to put up a bird feeder or two to help feathered friends over the colder months. There are birds in your area who will enjoy visiting a bird feeder placed by your pond. You may even spot a variety of bird that you’ve never seen in your garden before.

Different bird breeds are attracted to certain foods, we’ve put together a quick list to create an appealing food source birds will love.

  • Goldfinch, Redpoll, Siskin – smaller seeds like nyjer.
  • Greenfinch, Tits – sunflower hearts.
  • Robin, Thrushes – dried mealworms and live foods.
  • Sparrows, Woodpigeon, Collared Dove – large grains.
  • Thrushes, Waxwing – windfall fruit
  • Woodpeckers, Tits, Starling – fat balls and peanuts.