Pond Cleaning Services

Our pond cleaning service takes care of every part of your pond.  We do all the mucky jobs you really don't want to do. Our expertise gives you a clean, healthy and working pond for you to enjoy, your fish and wildlife will love it too!

We carry out full pond cleaning services for ponds and water features in both domestic and commercial locations. If you have a dirty pond which hasn't been maintained, the first step is to have it professionally cleaned. Following a clean, we also offer regular pond maintenance packages to ensure it's always healthy and there for you to enjoy.

Our pond clean service starts from only £397.00

What is a pond cleaning service?

A common question we're often asked by perspective clients is "what is a pond clean" or "what do we get, when we order a pond clean"

While every pond is different, our professional cleaning process includes the following stages.

1. The first stage, is for our technicians to carefully remove any fish and wildlife from the pond. These are stored safely in covered housing tanks, with an air pump to keep them comfortable during the pond cleaning service.

2. After we've ensured all fish and wildlife are safely stored, we remove sludge and debris from the pond floor, either by vacuuming it, or removing it by hand. This material is ideal for use as a natural organic compost for plant borders.

3. We displace all remaining dirty water to ensure a thorough clean. We use pumps and vaccum to move the water out of the pond and allow it to drain away in the garden.

4. If the pond has any pumps or filter equipment, we clean and service them. We replace any filters, making your equipment more efficient until the next clean, or any scheduled maintenance visits.

5. We remove any plants that need tiding from the pond. These cleaned and tidied, before we return them to the pond.

6. We're now ready to refill the pond. We use linear carbon water filters to remove harmful contaminants from the water (mainly chlorine and organic compounds). This is vital for fish and wildlife.

7.  The fish and wildlife who have been safely housed are returned to the freshly cleaned pond, with filtered water.

8. Eco treatments are added to help create and maintain a healthy ecosystem for the pond, fish and wildlife that inhabits it.


The Pond is thoroughly emptied and cleaned.


The Pump & filter equipment are cleaned & serviced.


The Pond is refilled with a linear carbon water filter.


Aquatic Plants are tidied & returned to the pond.


The fish returned to the pond.


Eco treatments are added to help create & maintain a healthy ecosystem for pond, fish & wildlife.

A selection of our pond cleaning jobs

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