Pond Cleaning Services

This service takes care of every part of your pond.  Doing all the mucky jobs you really don't want to do. Giving you a clean, healthy and working pond for you to enjoy and your fish and the wildlife to love.

Our pond clean service starts from only £240.00

Pond Cleaning Service

First all the fish and any wild life are stored in housing tanks with lids and air pump to keep them comfortable during the service. The debris and sludge on the pond floor is either vacuumed  out or hand removed and placed in the garden. As this is ideal for use as a natural organic compost for plant borders.


The Pond is emptied and cleaned.


Pump and filter equipment are serviced and cleaned.


The Pond is refilled with a liner carbon water filter.


Aquatic Plants are tidied and returned to the pond.


The fish returned to the pond.


Eco treatments are added to help create and maintain a healthy ecosystem for pond and fish.

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