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Get the peaceful sights & sounds of running water installed in day.

The sound of flowing water can be a very relaxing and mellow sound for many.

For some people, the sound of flowing water can trigger a childhood memory or a favourite sound from the past. When we sit there and relax to the sound of flowing water, we can think back to sitting on a beach listening to the ocean, or sat relaxing in the countryside by a slow flowing stream.

We can help you create your perfect garden, with the tranquil sights and sounds of running water, in under a day. Building a traditional pond can be messy, time consuming and out of budget for many. Our water feature kits are budget friendly, need less space and are installed and working in under a day. You don't need to wait and can enjoy them the same day, and with less ongoing maintenance.

Being self-contained, our water features can be installed in any space in your garden. An ideal choice if you want a smaller water feature creating a calming atmosphere to share with your loved ones and nature.

Aquascapes Stacked Urn Water Feature

Four Easy Steps to Your Perfect Water Feature

Transforming your garden with a water feature is a quick and simple process, with only four steps . Choose your ideal water feature from our diverse range. Decide where you'd like to go and send us some photos of the area, and we'll do the rest. It's that simple!

If you need any help or advice, get in contact with us via phone or email and we'll be happy to help.



Send us some photos of the area you had in mind, using our contact form or by emailing us at



One of our experts will call you to discuss your requirements, design and budget.



Our experts will visit you for a design consultation to asses your property and understand your vision.



We'll work with you to schedule an install date, you'll have a fully installed and ready to enjoy water feature the same day!

Choose your perfect water feature from our range of beautiful kits.


Spillway Bowl and Basin Fountain Kit

The spillway bowl and basin set create a unique recirculating fountain that’s sure to become the focal point in your garden.

Supplied and installed £3,997.97


Medium Rippled Urn Fountain Kit

Medium Rippled Urn Landscape Fountain Kit is an easy way to add the relaxing sights and sounds of water to any location.

Supplied and installed £2,997.97

Aquascapes Small Stacked Urn

Small Stacked Slate Urn Fountain Kit

Enjoy the sight and sound of water gently dancing down an impressive urn fountain that looks like real stacked slate stone.

Supplied and installed £2,997.97


Small Stacked Slate Sphere Fountain Kit

Stacked Slate Sphere Landscape Fountain makes it easy to add the relaxing sights and sounds of water to any location.

Supplied and installed £2,997.97

Personalise Your Water Feature with Light and Fire

Add a touch of drama to your garden and water feature with fire and light options. Enjoy your garden or outdoor space at any time of the day or year. Energy efficient LED lighting and fire options are available for all water features.

LED Lighting Package Add-on Kit   £662.96
Fire Fountain Add-on Kit    £187.16

Water Feature Lighting

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