Pond Maintenance & Care Plans

To maintain your pond in a healthy and clear condition, prevention is the key. If you’ve just had your new your pond installed or built one yourself, this is just the beginning of your pond journey. Regular pond maintenance and care is essential to keeping your pond clear, healthy and in fantastic condition. Lack of proper pond maintenance leads to an unhealthy pond which isn’t suitable to nurture aquatic life, and leads to an ugly pond which won't give you an area you enjoy spending time at. Let our knowledgeable team take care of your pond maintenance, so you don't have to worry about it.

A regular pond maintenance service. . .
Hassle-free for you. . . "Gives you a pond that's cared for"

We offer a range of annual maintenance pond care packages, expertly developed to ensure you can enjoy your pond throughout the year. Regular maintenance helps keeps your pond healthy, balanced and clean. Rather than just relying on an annual pond clean, we recommend a pond care package to ensure a healthy pond all year round.

Pond Care Complete

Our basic annual pond care package, a full pond clean and a maintenance visit every three months for a clean and clear pond.

1 Full Pond Clean

3 Maintenance Visits

Prices from £997.00

Pond Care Deluxe

Our most popular annual pond care package, a full pond clean and a maintenance visit every two months to ensure your pond is healthy, clear, and looking it's best for you all year round.

1 Full Pond Clean

5 Maintenance Visits

Prices from £1497.00

What's included with our pond maintenance and care plans

A yearly pond clean

Having your pond thoroughly cleaned once a year is a vital part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem within your pond. Our pond maintenance packages include one full pond clean carried out once a year, this includes the following;

  • Empty the pond of water, equipment, fish, wildlife and plants (Fish & wildlife are kept safe out of sunlight in housing tanks with air pump(s))
  • Clean & wash down the pond
  • Trim and tidy all aquatic plants
  • Clean any surrounding paving slabs, stone edging & pebbles on a wildlife ponds
  • All debris & organic matter is removed and placed on compost areas
  • All pond equipment is inspected, checked, cleaned & serviced
  • UV steriliser units are checked, new bulbs are installed when required
  • Check the pond structure for faults or splits
  • Refill the pond once clean
  • Organic eco-treatment is added to keep your pond healthy and clear

Maintenance visits throughout the year

Without regular care and maintenance, ponds can become unsightly with overgrown aquatic plants, weeds, and water that is unhealthy for fish and other wildlife which inhabit the pond. Our pond care packages include regular pond care and maintenance visits every two (Deluxe) or three (Complete) months to keep your pond healthy and clear for you to enjoy. During a maintenance visit, our pond technicians will carry out the following;

  • We check and clean all Pond Equipment, Filters, and Pumps.
  • We check all UV bulbs and Filter/Foam packs, supply and fit replacements if required. (charged separately.)
  • Trim and tidy aquatic plants.
  • Remove and treat any blanket weed, algae, and duckweed.
  • Apply organic Eco-treatments to create and maintain a healthy ecosystem for the pond and any fish.
  • Ensure your pond looks in top condition, give you advice and answer any questions to help you get the most from your pond.
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