Pond Design and Build

Bespoke pond design starts from only £997.00
Bespoke pond build budgets start from only £4,997.00

Following a site visit consultation, discussion and advice based on your vision of the new pond, a design will be revealed ready for acceptance.

We offer all services related to the creation of nature ponds, ornamental ponds and wildlife ponds, or enlarging existing ponds.

Construction of New Ponds- ranging from nature ponds which live in harmony with your garden and wildlife, to traditional or modern styles using a variety of materials i.e. railway sleepers for a raised effect, pebbles and gravel for a wildlife nature pond and also specialised pond edging systems for an ornamental style.

All Pond Equipment is Supplied and Installed by experienced and trained Pond Technicians.
We offer a full range of Quality Aquatic Plants to Compliment, Enhance and Complete your new pond and water garden area.
Organic and Eco Treatments are supplied to help with the biological start-up process of your pond.

Once your new pond has been built, we offer Pond Care Packages to maintain and keep everything in tip-top condition. Enabling you to sit back and enjoy your water feature all year round – hassle-free.

Pond Design Service

It can be an easy to find thousands of images of beautiful ponds you like with a quick web search, but imagining what it would look like in your own garden or outside space is not so simple. Our design service solves this problem by creating to scale 3D rendered images of how your garden will look after the transformation. The designs cover every detail, from the types of rocks and how they are placed to the planting.

This is an ideal way for you to visualise how your pond or garden transformation will look in your surroundings, we want to make sure our work meets or exceeds your vision.

Our Pond Design Process

We book a home consultation with one of our senior pond technicians, this is used to discover what your dream pond looks like and how much you want to invest. Using our experience, we'll advise and make suggestions to ensure your pond investment is the best it can possibly be within your space and budget.

During the consultation we conduct a detailed site survey to map out the levels and check for any drainage and access requirements. Once the survey has taken place, we create a scaled 3D model of concepts which are feasible in your garden and budget.

Pond and landscape designs are only £997.00 including a home consultation and 3D design visuals.

Contact us today to book your pond design consultation and start your journey to your perfect pond
0800 644 0797 or hello@pond-man.co.uk

3D rendered pond design
3D rendered pond design
3D Rendered Eco-Pond Design

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